Monat: Januar 2021

Altcoins climb, Bitcoin dominance drops to lowest level since September

Bitcoin is at its lowest level of market dominance since September 2020. This follows the latest BTC record record, which climbed to over $ 40,000. As the enthusiasm around Bitcoin cools, Ethereum, DeFi, and altcoins are likely heating up. The atmosphere began to change with the introduction of larger-scale Bitcoin institutional investors. The fundamentals that […]

Ethereum can repeat Bitcoin’s trajectory and reach $20,000, according to Metcalfe’s Law

The law explains how a system is sustained by the number of individuals in the system itself. Analysts have studied the price correlation of Bitcoin and Ethereum and suggest that if the Metcalfe Law is followed, there is a great possibility that cryptomeda will reach $20,000, just as Bitcoin did in 2017. One of the […]