After a scheme with Bitcoin and prison, Ronaldinho Gaúcho earns R$ 1 million with bus advertising

Player gets first advertising with Buser after completing four long months from the bars.

After a scheme with Bitcoin and prison, Ronaldinho Gaúcho earns R$ 1 million with bus advertisingNOTÍCIAS

Ronaldinho Gaúcho has not returned to the lawns, but is already making money participating in advertisements. The famous player was recently hired by Buser, a sort of ‚bus uber‘, to make a ’surprise pagode‘ in an advertising action.

Arrested for six months in Paraguay, Ronaldinho Gaucho also had the name associated with Bitcoin, called 18k Ronaldinho. Away from house arrest and back in Brazil, the former Brazilian national team player will earn R$1 million in Buser advertising.

Ronaldinho trades ‚unintentionally‘ and earns R$518,000 during his arrest in Paraguay.
This is the first advertisement of the star that will be broadcast in Brazil after he and his brother were arrested in Paraguay. The two were imprisoned for six months outside the country after the Paraguayan police found false documents with them.

The advertising campaign was even delayed due to the health of Ronaldinho Gaúcho. With coronavirus, it was necessary to wait for the player’s recovery before the promotional video with him for Buser was recorded.

Ronaldinho Gaucho on Buser
Ronaldinho Gaúcho was chosen by the Buser platform to star in an advertising campaign involving interstate travel offered by the business. According to the announcement, the player will sing a ’surprise pagode‘ for users inside a bus that belongs to the company.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho is expected to appear at a surprise bus stop, as if he were waiting for a Buser. Soon after the bus arrives, the famous one must board a trip and will be seen singing with users of the platform.

After promoting a coup with Bitcoin, Ronaldinho Gaúcho is denied appeal and will remain imprisoned in Paraguay.
Known as the „bus uber“, Buser offers interstate travel at a reduced price for passengers who share the cost of the trip. In total, Ronaldinho Gaúcho will receive R$ 1 million to appear in the bus advertisement, which can be broadcast even by Globo.

Pink bus is a trademark of Buser (Reprodução/Facebook)

Prison in Paraguay
For six months Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother were detained in Asunción, Paraguay. Between conventional and house arrest, the pair were detained during the months of March and August 2020.

The Assisi brothers were arrested with false documents which triggered an investigation that resulted in the arrest of those involved. Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother were in a hotel in Asunción at the time they were arrested by police.

After a coup with Bitcoin and a death threat in case, Ronaldinho Gaúcho can pay R$ 265 thousand and leave prison
However, on 25 August 2020 the star and his brother were ordered to leave house arrest in that country. Right after the decision, Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother returned to Brazil.

And four months after his arrest, Ronaldinho Gaúcho will star in an advertising campaign that will yield R$ 1 million cachê for the famous Brazilian football player.

Scheme with Bitcoin
In addition to the arrest for carrying false documents in Paraguay, the star’s name has even been involved in a scheme with Bitcoin. Called 18k Ronaldinho, the scam used the player’s name with the promise of easy profit in investments in cryptomoedas.

However, the business stopped paying investors in 2019, and many of them are now filing lawsuits. One such case cites the name of player Ronaldinho Gaucho as „poster boy“ of 18k Ronaldinho, and asks for more than R$300 million in damages in a class action.

Although the player has declared that he no longer has any connection with the scheme, the name of the star was widely used by the company that promised easy profit with Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Ronaldinho Gaúcho’s advertising campaign for Buser will soon go on air. The recording of the campaign is taking place in São Paulo – SP, but the exact location was not disclosed to avoid crowds.