Just hours to launch TON OS, Telegram’s operating system

Telegram has been working on a number of interesting projects recently. However, one of the most outstanding is the TON operating system, which will be released in a few hours. Here we tell you more details about it.

First of all, TON OS is the first of several Telegram projects to come out. It will be available on Google Play and Apple’s AppStore, while the open network „TON“ and the crypto currency „GRAM“ have been delayed in their release.

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What do we know about TON OS?
When you read „operating system“, we know that maybe the first thing that came to your mind was that the idea was to make a competition to iOS, Android or Windows, right?

However, you should know that TON OS is not a competitor to any of the above mentioned operating systems. Actually, what happens is that it is a system designed to serve as an operating system for Telegram’s Bitcoin Investor App, Bitcoin Code App, Bitcoin Storm App, Cryptosoft App, Corona Millionaire App Blockchain network.

Therefore, TON OS aims to help users create applications that are automatically compatible with the Blockchain platform. This is achieved because the system is designed to support applications with various functions, such as the transaction of numerous assets, including crypto-currencies.

TRON OS will finally be released, which is a milestone for Telegram and TON Labs. However, it is the first step in a series of planned projects.
TRON OS will finally come to light, which represents an achievement for Telegram and TON Labs. However, it is the first step in a series of projects that are planned.
Additionally, TON OS is supposed to enable support of Blockchain applications. On the other hand, those in charge of carrying out this project and developing its structure are the members of TON Labs. These are the ones who will open the code for this project in GitHub.

This group is also expected to launch TON Cash, a new token in the market, within a month. As if this wasn’t enough, TON Labs is also planning to release its decentralized browser: Surf, in the same time frame.

In short, the launch of the TON operating system is just the beginning of a long line of projects that complement each other, thus demonstrating Telegram’s commitment to this industry.

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How is the project financed? Do you have a partner?
TON Labs aims to release all components of the above mentioned operating system for free, in addition to the TON Blockchain. To achieve this, they have allied with the Free Software Foundation (FSF), an important free software movement.

At the end of the day, the idea is that users can distribute, modify and even help to improve the whole structure of the software that this company will offer soon. What do you think? Do you encourage to investigate more about this project?